Take It Easy

Stress & Anxiety, Winning the Battle

I have been trying to reduce the stress and anxiety from my everyday challenges, one of the biggest being my wheelchair. Although I have a fairly new plain jane, it is very uncomfortable. I avoided shopping trips and outings because of the stress and misery. I almost slid out of it many times so it was also becoming increasingly unsafe. At a recent appointment, I got so stressed from the discomfort I felt like I was going to pass out. I have a brand new power chair but no way to transport it. I finally found this gem, don’t even have to transfer to the uncomfortable infusion chair anymore. Score! Yesterday’s shopping trip was actually enjoyable. I got it from Walgreens website, able to return to store if unhappy, no restocking fee. I snagged a 20% discount from Retail Me Not, good till end of year. Comfortable and stress free.. Priceless.