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Giving Back

Let’s Make ALS Bearable

ALS Bearable Poster

Despite the loss of my independence, mobility and now my voice, I am more determined than ever to make a difference in the ALS community. I decided to use my eye-gaze controlled computer to help others. I have begun a donation campaign to raise money to bring a comforting “hug” to children affected by a loved one with ALS. It is my hope that this worthy cause will go beyond the Green Bay, Wisconsin area to help children throughout Wisconsin and across the country. My fundraiser has already gone beyond borders. Besides Wisconsin, kids from Indiana, Alabama and even Ontario Canada have gotten a “Hug”.

Please consider donating, even if it’s only a couple of dollars. If you can’t contribute, I would appreciate your support by sharing my message.

There are actually 3 ways to donate.

By check, mail to:
Lets Make ALS Bearable”
Denmark State Bank
1740 Scheuring Road
De Pere, WI 54115

PayPal to my email:

There is also a Go fund me page:

If anyone knows of a child affected by ALS who would like to get a “hug”, please email me:

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration, a huge thank you to everyone who has already helped make my dream to give some love to the ALS community a success!

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In the Grand Scheme, Love What Matters

We must have a theme, a goal, a purpose in our lives. If you don’t know where you’re aiming, you don’t have a goal. My goal is to live my life in such a way that when I die, someone can say, she cared.

~ Mary Kay Ash ~


Modern Love

Have Hope, Keep Faith…

Eclipsed Words By Aishwarya Shah

In my lifetime the world has changed rapidly. The world is evolving faster every day. And every aspect of our lives changes according to this new world, according to our vision of the world.

Love, or the way we perceive it, has changed as well. Some say that we have grown to enjoy being alone, that we enjoy the idea that technology can imitate real interaction. We text, we e-mail, we skype, we like, we comment, and, yet, we often find ourselves asking, “What is love?” or, more importantly, “What is love supposed to feel like?”

Sometimes we tend to analyze stuff for longer than necessary. Most times we like to believe that life was better, funnier in a distant past we will never be able to go back to. The place and time we live in is never as wonderful as those million worlds we imagine or dream about.

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Inner Peace

Find your paradise with inner peace.

Eclipsed Words By Aishwarya Shah

what i have come to realize is that life is not at all what it seems

people can take you, shake you and listen to your screams

but in the end, you must delve deep within yourself

no distractions, no fear, just an exploration far from everything else

close your eyes, take a breath and seep into your seat

i want you to do this when you feel lost, and if need be, repeat

think of all of the things you are grateful for

feel a smile form on your lips, feel your heart soar

feel your way around the deepest parts of your soul

find the warmth inside yourself when you’re surrounded by a world so cold

know that despite the external chaos, there is a calm sea of peace and light

in this place, you do not need to try so hard…you do not need to fight


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Share Your Journey

Sharing your personal experiences can truly make a difference in someone else’s world, it certainly gives a sense of meaning to my life. Someday this pain will be useful…