I love fireworks. So much potential for third degree burns.



4th of July is by far my favorite holiday. Fireworks, Family, Friends and Fun. Bikinis, Boats, Beer and BBQs. No expectations, no pressure. I am so lucky to have experienced some of the most epic 4th of July’s ever! 

This 4th of July I’m sitting on my couch listening to the fireworks and reminiscing about all the wonderful ones I have been apart of. The photos above show the last 3 … ALS 4th of July’s. 

The first one was July 2015. I had officially stopped working and moved onto the boat in San Diego. We were still full of hope and having fun. (Seriously look how tan we were!) We knew what ALS was and we knew we had a timeline but we still didn’t “get it”. We had spent the day fishing and enjoying family and friends and then cruised the bay for one of the most mind…

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Inner Peace

Find your paradise with inner peace.

Eclipsed Words By Aishwarya Shah

what i have come to realize is that life is not at all what it seems

people can take you, shake you and listen to your screams

but in the end, you must delve deep within yourself

no distractions, no fear, just an exploration far from everything else

close your eyes, take a breath and seep into your seat

i want you to do this when you feel lost, and if need be, repeat

think of all of the things you are grateful for

feel a smile form on your lips, feel your heart soar

feel your way around the deepest parts of your soul

find the warmth inside yourself when you’re surrounded by a world so cold

know that despite the external chaos, there is a calm sea of peace and light

in this place, you do not need to try so hard…you do not need to fight


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Take It Easy

Stress & Anxiety, Winning the Battle

I have been trying to reduce the stress and anxiety from my everyday challenges, one of the biggest being my wheelchair. Although I have a fairly new plain jane, it is very uncomfortable. I avoided shopping trips and outings because of the stress and misery. I almost slid out of it many times so it was also becoming increasingly unsafe. At a recent appointment, I got so stressed from the discomfort I felt like I was going to pass out. I have a brand new power chair but no way to transport it. I finally found this gem, don’t even have to transfer to the uncomfortable infusion chair anymore. Score! Yesterday’s shopping trip was actually enjoyable. I got it from Walgreens website, able to return to store if unhappy, no restocking fee. I snagged a 20% discount from Retail Me Not, good till end of year. Comfortable and stress free.. Priceless.

Share Your Journey

Sharing your personal experiences can truly make a difference in someone else’s world, it certainly gives a sense of meaning to my life. Someday this pain will be useful…